Our Story

Welcome to FineVis. Our dynamic and enthusiastic team is determined to support our partners with an innovative technology that provides them a faster, more accurate, more effective and more reliable digital survey solution. With the combination of different laser scanning, photogrammetry and 3D modelling techniques we completely adjust to our clients’ preferences whether in the architecture, construction, engineering, contractor or film&video game production field.

Due to our client orientated attitude and fexibility we can reliably deliver industry standard quality in tight deadlines too. 3D models and point clouds generated by our modern hardware and software offer great benefits in BIM planning workflows, executing digital measurements and renovation plannings, documenting different stages of constrution and also building CGI worlds for film productions.

Laser Scanning,BIM,3D Modelling

Our Services


Lidar Scanning

We happily visit your site in order to retrieve an accurate 3D pointcloud information of your desired venue, building or movie set.



Reverse Engineering

Infra Scanning

A neat and elegant solution to generate a 3D model of your desired object whether it is a piece of rock or a more complex car part.

3D drón fotó


Drone or terrestrial photogrammetry? We assist you with both to cover your needs on location.

3D lidar szkennelés

Data Processing

We have a separate workflow for processing data from on site acquisition to ensure we meet your deadlines with the correct output formats that fit in your workflow.

Bracketed Texture Photography

Texture Photography

Whether you are shooting a feature film or vfx for the gaming industry we cover you on set with the texture photography referenced with MacBeth colour chart and bracketed according to your needs.

3D model


Re-building assets from scan data can be a time consuming process. We are happy to help you in this stage too with modelling or the retopology of the scanned data.

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